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On 9 Jan 1998 22:41:02 GMT [email protected] writes:
>NOT a job site, NOT a search engine, NOT a career board, NOT a 
>AND we do NOT limit you to a single database!
>U S Resume is a true technological leap.  It allows subscribers access 
>the OVER 1 MILLION resumes on the ENTIRE INTERNET (source:  Electronic 
>Recruiting Index, Dec. 1996).  It finds your candidates and also 
>downloads their resumes to your hard drive all automatically, so you 
>can browse them later with NO Internet wait time.  You gain access to 
>the same "virtual robotics" technology used by our Fortune 500 
>clients, enabling you to spend less time looking for qualified 
>candidates and more time placing them.
>Prices start as low as $295 per month, no more than an ordinary job 
>board and less than just one typical help wanted display ad.
>Why not have the ENTIRE INTERNET as your own PERSONAL DATABASE?
>For additional information please visit us at http://www.usresume.com
>If the site doesn't answer all your questions, please don't hesitate 
>to call Dave Weltman or Jeff Eisenberg at 914-627-2600.
>P.S If you would like to be added to our DO NOT EMAIL LIST, please 
>reply to this message with the word REMOVE in the Subject of your 
>reply.  When our Robot finds the word REMOVE in the Subject of any 
>message, it will automatically add the senders email address to our DO