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RML : New Webmaster Newsletter!!

This List has been purchased by "RML" This is the first webmaster mailing we have done so
if you are not a Adult Webmaster, wish to be removed from this list, or have more than one
E-mail from us please let us know and we will take care of it! Webmasters contact us at
[email protected] for the price to mail out this newsletter with your Company's information!

Ranked # 32 on Web Side Story Tight Teenage Nymphos new *Cheater Proof* Top 50 is
kicking some serious ass ;-) The site is at http://www.teennympho.com and the webmaster's
area is at http://www.teennympho.com/webmasters.html

* We were one of the first 10 Top 50's on the net to have the automatically updated script * 

* We have double CGI to prevent cheaters from getting listed * 

* You can send hits to our site by opening a console wth our link in it ANY way you want !!
Some ideas are 1)Opening it every time someone leaves/enters your site 2) Opening it every
time someone clicks on a link to one of your pics 3) Any other way you can think of! *

* We average 30-40,000 Uniques a day by Webside Story's Count *

* NO Main page BANNERS * 


Click here http://www.teennympho.com to find out more information ;-)

We'll see you at the TOP!!!!

                               Ryan Lanane