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Re: Spam

There are very good ways of filtering email, as well as methods
of "proper" exposure to email harvesting bots.

My suggestions are:

1. Create a "spam" mailbox that will be used to collect all email
that looks like spam. It is much easier to review this mailbox once in a
couple of days than to look at spam in the mail email mailbox.

2. Create one or more mailfolders for mailing lists you receive. Save
all mailing list messages to them. (you may want to save everything 
that was sent by *owner* as it is likely to be legitimate mailing
list messages).

3. Everything else that does NOT mention one of your legitimate addresses
is likely spam, and needs to be saves into the spam mailbox.

4. Keep a database of spamming patterns and spamming domains and save
everything matching these patterns to the spam mailbox. (my database is
attached below).

5. Post to USENET using an address that reaches you, but is different
from your email address.

Anything that comes in as sent to that address (usually Received: field 
contains the destination address) but does not start with Re: or is not
addressed to that address is spam, and needs to be saved into the spam

6. This will inevitably flag some legitimate messages as spam. Be careful
reviewing the spam mailbox.


^From: [email protected]
^From:.*[email protected]
^To: [email protected]
^From:.*[email protected]
^From:.*[email protected]
^From:.*[email protected]
^From: [email protected]
^From: NETDATA Intl Inc
^From [email protected]
^Reply-To: phnxgrp
^From: [email protected]
^From: .*@pwrnet.com
^From: [email protected]
^Subject: How to get MORE ORDERS for ANYTHING you sell
^Subject: EL Cheepo Web pages
^Message-Id: Ready Aim Fire
^Message-Id: RAF
^Subject: Saw you Online\!
^From: [email protected]
^From: .*[email protected]
^From: .*softcell.net
^To: [email protected]
^Received: .*IQ-Internet.com
^From: freedom
^To: [email protected]
^To: .Recipient list suppressed.
^Received: .*Cyber Promotions
^From: [email protected]
^From: [email protected]
^From: Svetlana <[email protected]>
^From: .*[email protected]
^From: .*@GettingRich.com
^Subject: .*README! It may change your life forever!
^To: [email protected]
^From: .*@shoppingplanet.com
^X-Mailer: Emailer Platinum
^From: [email protected]
^From: .*floodgate
^Igor Chudov @ home,
^Subject: Your Family Name