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Re: Eternity Services

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Ryan Lackey wrote:
[quoting Tim]
> > (* I say "working" in the sense that the concept was very easy to
> > demonstrate just by using PGP and remailers. Not much more than what I
> > demonstrated in 1993 would be needed to deploy a real system. Except for
> > one thing: true digital cash. Not the bullshit one-way-traceable stuff that
> > Chaum and others are now pushing, but the original, online-cleared or
> > escrow-cleared form, a la the work of Goldberg et. al. For some of these
> > applications, below, simple token- or coupon-based schemes might work
> > adequately.)
> There are currently-under-development systems which will meet the digital cash 
> requirement,
> from people who I consider highly respectable and competent.

And the demand for such ecash systems is real. I personally carried a $10
million offer for a non-exclusive license for the blind signature patent
to David Chaum. He declined the offer. "The patent is not for license". 
DigiCash's CEO since March of last year, Mike Nash, also told me that
DigiCash was not considering licensing the patent. I knew that day that it
was time to quit. Not surprisingly, nobody heard from DigiCash since. 

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