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Re: (eternity) autonomous agents

Ryan Lackey:

>                     A "datahaven country" would have
> to be immune to such tactics -- either having its own strong military 
> (China as datahaven) to defend its national interests, political
> connections (Israel?), or enough trade with the US that shutting off
> data commo would be impossible for economic reasons (Singapore?).  

A virtual datahaven could be constructed eaily provided you knew how to
index controversial matter.

Publish the rude things about the Prophet Mohammed on a server in Israel,
the anti-Serb rants in Croatia, the kiddyporn in Sweden, the violence in
America, the Nazi hate speech in Syria and the anti-scientology stuff in

If someone wants to curse and swear at the whole world at once, then 
there is this amazing new invention called hypertext ...