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Re: (eternity) autonomous agents

William Knowles <[email protected]> writes:
> If memory serves me right it was because Vince bounced off the Taxbomber
> site because it offered second passports, camouflage passports, and other
> products that was considered a fraud, Which to me sounds odd since there
> is some other company selling most everthing and then some from an .ai
> domain which Vince's company has the monopoly on handing out .ai domains

But that company was written about by some journalist, so Vince pulled
its plug to avoid bad publicity.

Vince also indicated (in response to my query) that he wouldn't support
content that provoked denial-of-service attacks (such as the Spanish
attack on the pro- basque independence web page0

> > As I said in my last piece on this subject, there is no security in
> > meatspace comparable to what is gotten with mathematics.
> >
> > --Tim May
> I agree completely, But there is still room for massively distrubted
> datahavens on oil rigs, barges, gun batteries, island nations or
> hiding in Norm's LAN in Cicero IL.  All the harder to supress that
> information.

Is it possible to make it cryptographically hard to determine where
the data is stored?


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