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Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

[nazi death studies]
>Did most of that work rate as "immoral science" - I'd say so.

uh huh
but we have a problem. I thought "technology is neutral".
hmmmmm, maybe technology != science.....?

>A few users like oil companies have workers in the Arctic, and 
>most moral organizations are more concerned about preventing accidents 
>and minimizing risks to workers than getting away with
>as much damage to their workers as they can; there are still
>some legitimate uses of the knowledge like how to do medical
>care for freezing-related accident victims, or extreme situations
>like nuclear power-plant disaster cleanup.  But not a lot.

interesting book on this a friend told me about: "toxic 
sludge is good for you" -- describes for example
how many oil companies are creating an effective *facade* 
based on very aggressive PR campaigns.

if anyone wants good info on the state of our times, and
how our government has been hijacked.... check this one
out. it shows that as savvy as "you" think you are
(you is anybody here), we're all living in a gingerbread
fantasy world created by the mass media-- even when you're
not tuned into it.