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Re: (eternity) Covert Superhighway - the missing component? (fwd)

Jim Choate <[email protected]> writes:
> Adam Back <[email protected]>:
> > - post to random newsgroups, use textual mimic functions, send
> >   decryption keys after the stegoed data has been distributed to
> >   disguise data until it is too late to affect distribution
> Isn't this going to increase latency and increase the likelihood of both
> sureptitious attacks (I notice the request in newsgroup A and begin putting
> my mitm requests in the other newsgroups - the odds being that I will get
> the data and then forward to the original recipient with small changes) as
> well as must plain missing the request?

It will increase latency yes.  It will also make the attackers job

If you are talking about posting requests it sounds like you are
describing Eternity BlackNet, eternity USENET basically acts like a
FAST-TEXT TELETEXT system -- keeps the most recent copy of pages as
they are updated, there is no request to post because the reader acts
entirely passively, and is harder to trace because he is passive. 

> > When people can buy a T1 to their house for 2,000/yr instead of
> > 20,000, we will stand a better chance.
> SWBT will currently sell T1 access to homes for as little as $214/mo. Would
> you settle for $2,568/yr.? Note that this price doesn't include routing and
> name resolution. I'm still (3 months later) trying to get SWBT to tell me
> how much they will charge for this - they supposedly offer it but I have yet
> to find an actual business office that support home delivery of service.

I don't know who SWBT are, but I suspect they don't offer service in
the UK.  If they did at that price I would have them install the T1