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Sameer asks that, due to building access limitations,
everybody please show up by 2pm to be sure the guards will let you in, and
"humor building management and sign in as requested by the guard".

And there's a parking lot on Franklin between 12th and 13th,
which is a block or two east/south of Broadway.

> The January Bay Area Cypherpunks Meeting will be Saturday afternoon
> at C2 Software's office in Oakland.
> Agenda:   Export Laws - Lee Tien and Greg Broiles
> 	   Work in Progress
> 	   Lots of discussion from RSA Conference.
> Time:     12-6pm followed by dinner - program starts at 1:00
> Location: C2Net Software, Inc. 1440 Broadway Suite 700, Oakland, CA
>           Phone: (510) 986-8770  Fax: (510) 986-8777 
> Public Transportation - about two blocks from the 12th St BART station.
> 	   This is the best way to get there from San Francisco,
> 	   and parking for BART trains is easy.  :-)
> Driving - From South - take 880N to Broadway exit, about .9 mile, park
>           From San Francisco - Take the Bay Bridge to Grand Ave,
> 		turn right on Telegraph and continue on Broadway.
	     If you find yourself on 980, 11th or 12th goes to Broadway.
> Map URL:  http://www.mapblast.com/yt.hm?FAM=mapblast&CMD=GEO&SEC=find&IC=0%3A0%3A5&IC%3A=C2+Suite+700&AD2=1440+Broadway&AD3=Oakland%2C+CA

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