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Re: Microsoft Metaphors

> > What are the best metaphors to use when talking about a browser
> > and an operating system? Is the combination like a car and an
> > engine, or a car and a roofrack? A pair of gloves?
>In this specific case it's more like garbage in a trash can.

Nah. In this specific case it's more like shit and a toilet. Or if you
wanted to get a bit obscure you could say that Windows is like LSD. It kills
brain cells, attracts the really stupid in addition to the occasional
person with a clue, and the typical user has random flashbacks when put in
front of any computer at all. It has no useful purpose beyond making the
user feel really good, costs a lot, and is dangerous to your (mental)
health. It's produced, handled, and sold by a huge cartel (Microsoft) who
shoots (runs out of business) anybody who opposes them. Those the cartel
doesn't shoot they bribe (buy). And users enter into temporary or in some
cases permanent fits of stupidity and hysteria during which they are a
danger to anyone around them, particularly if they're armed (have a bulk
mailer or platform-specific "web authoring tools" which produce crappy HTML).