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movie "good will hunting"

highly recommend this movie, "good will hunting". excellent
script that will leave you startled at times. plot is that
a young kid from a very rough background who is a janitor
at MIT seems to be a math genius possibly on the level
of Ramanujan.

reason I am posting here: there's a really great rant by
the character at one point as he sits in an office with
an NSA rep and a medal-laced general and insults them about
a job offer in the agency to work under classified conditions.
the NSA rep offers him math research into state of the art
theory but requires that the work be classified. I think
there is a line about how the NSA has 7 times the budget
of the CIA but they don't like to make that well known.
(one might say it was sort of a rant on the morality of
confidentiality. <g>)

if anyone would care to tape this and post a transcript
I think it would be very interesting to other cpunks. its
a rare reference to NSA in the popular media.

of course not on the level of "sneakers" as far as 
crypto references, but an interesting snippet nonetheless,
and I think that some people here might identify a lot with
the protagonist.