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Re: let's do it: NYT ad with hash of fingerprints (fwd)

Adam Back wrote:

>What do you mean that you must include ID?  Someone must give an email
>address, or phone number?  Should be ok to fit one of those in the
>remaining 24 - 32 chars.

ID once meant name, address and telephone number, now a name, tel
num and e-mail is okay (along with "Advt").  The NYT claims it owes this 
to its readers to show who's not who.

The "ads" are called "reader notices" by the NYT, which calls to verify
the bona fides of the purchaser. And they will not publish everything
requested (no vitriol, darn it). There's vetting but mawky pleas swing
the censor, indeed, the vetter seems to boost haywire to keep the 
mad buying. Is that not a Brit legacy, too?

Here's the poop for arrangements (as of 1/96):

Reader Notice
The New York Times
226 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

Vox: 1-800-421-4571
Fax: 201-343-6703