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Re: (eternity) Eternity as a secure filesystem/backup medium (fwd)

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> Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 21:31:38 -0800
> From: Kent Crispin <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: (eternity) Eternity as a secure filesystem/backup medium (fwd)

> You must find the advertising business completely mystifying, then.

Not at all. I even manage to use it well enough to make money selling my
own services now and again...

> You pay to have your data disseminated in a form that you can be later
> paid -- for example, leave the juciest part of the data in encrypted
> form, along with a public key through which payment options can be
> negotiated. 

Exactly, which means we are left with two results. Either the source forgoes
the d-h completely, since they could dissiminate their data through a normal
anon remailer and usenet (for example) completely eliminating the whole
point of the d-h and the consequential payments - this reduces their
overhead considerably. Or they share the income through the d-h operator.
Now if the source has two halves of a clue to rub together their share will
include whatever money they paid the d-h operator in the first place - thus
eliminating the need for the source to have paid in the first place. Either
way the source ends up with the net effect they don't pay the d-h operator
for their services - the end user does. In only one case is there a economic
reason for the d-h to exist. Now if the goal of a d-h operator is to make
some income which model would you choose? From the source's perspective the
d-h model makes sense because it places two (not one) layer of anonymity
between them and Mallet. As a source, which model would you choose?

Either way you look at it, the end result is the end user pays the bills.

> Why on earth do you try to be an ISP, then?

Why on earth are you assuming that is what I do? While I have sold dedicated
and intermittent dial-ups they in general have not been to the general
public and my customer base is not one that comes from general advertising.
At no point has it ever been a significant portion of my income in any case.
As a matter of fact I haven't advertised in any public forums. Don't know
where you get your data about me from but you really should go to the horses
mouth instead of some jackass. Your data would be much more accurate.

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