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Re: proving that one knows how to break RSA

Anonymous wrote:

>Oh, please.  Payne's so-called faster factorization algorithm was
>discussed on this list May 13.  See the archives under the thread title
>"Public Key Break Paper".  The algorithm is total garbage.  Payne is
>obviously a nut case who is setting himself up for a contempt of court

We posted the notice about Payne's RSA paper. There's an
archive of his (and fellow Sandian Art Morales') NSA suit and
links to his papers :


Perhaps Bill's a nut case, and if so, he's probably a bellweather of
other disaffected researchers in classified work who are being
trashed for refusing to continue Cold War violations beyond
the original conditions for signing secrecy agreements, and who
are being ostracized by those who want the perks to continue.

What folks like Payne are going to do with what they learned about
what the USG has been up to is a good question. And what the
USG will do to them if they start to tell is more so.

That's what Payne's NSA suit is about, and it may be more 
consequential than the all-too-sane Bernstein, Karn and Junger 
suits. That will depend on what Payne chooses to reveal in
spite of secrecy agreements.

We may never know what Bill knows about faulty cryptography
if DOE settles with him and Morales. Alternatively, he confesses 
to a fear of flying, for the reasons Dimitri states, based on what 
he says he knows of the insane accusations and actions of  the 
TLAs when their own comfort and security is threatened by an