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Re: proving that one knows how to break RSA

Dimitri Vulis <[email protected]> writes:
> I believe Bill [Payne] is genuinely afraid that if he published his
> algorithm, then he'll be killed. I don't know enough to judge how
> realistic his fear is.

There are a few other scenarios which suggest he may be at risk even
if he doesn't publish.  Firstly if we argue on the basis that he does
have a fast algorithm:

- if the NSA thinks they already know the algorithm he has discovered,
  they may kill him anyway to prevent disclosure to others

- the NSA may kidnap him, inject him with various truth drugs, and
  generally torture the information from him, and then kill him

Insurance in the form of a disclosure procedure in the event of his
premature death will reduce his risk of being killed.

Secondly if we argue on the basis that Bill doesn't have a fast
factoring algorithm, or is mistaken about the complexity of his

- if the NSA thinks his claim credible they may again kidnap him and
  attempt to extract this algorithm from him.  They may then kill him
  to prevent him talking about them torturing him if he reveals an
  algorithm, or appears not to have an algorithm

He appears to be in greater risk if falsely claiming he has a fast
algorithm if his claim appears credible to the NSA -- his insurance in
the form of a fall back public disclosure procedure in event of his
premature death no longer helps him.

In general it seems generally a dangerous claim to make.

> I've been involved in serious discussions of assassinations over
> smaller amounts of money than is at stake here. He displays great
> courage by saying anything at all at this point.

If it is true, it is a big deal indeed.

> Yes, it would be most interesting/impressive if Bill demonstrated his
> ability to factor using some of the published chalenges.

Another target Bill might be amused to factor if we can obtain it is
the NSA's public key embedded in lotus notes implementations.  Should
fit in with his interest in showing incompetence on the part of the

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