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Re: [Long] How to recover private keys for various Microsoft

On avoiding use of commercial encryption products:

In a session yesterday with a group of Japanese visiting 
the US to gather information on security products and 
export controls, a Westerner advised the group to avoid 
all commercial security products in any country,
domestic or exportables, due to probability of being 

It was suggested instead to arrange a private service
with a banking institution to covertly ride financial 
transactions, inland and external.

Better was to arrange the same through military or 
governmental channels. Fees were claimed to be fairly 
reasonable depending on whether protection against
national courts and counter-intelligence was needed
at either origin or destination points.

It was emphasized that these practices are now normal
in countries where strongest info security was required 
for national economic protection against commercial and 
intelligence espionage, and that no one knowledgeable 
in the field would rely on commercial products from any 

The Western briefers were not identifed.