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Re: Intel introduces new compression technology for surfers [CNN]

At 08:59 AM 1/20/98 -0600, Jim Choate wrote:
>Forwarded message:
>>      January 19, 1998
>>      Web posted at: 9:35 p.m. EST (0235 GMT)
>>      HILLSBORO, Oregon (AP) -- The World Wide Wait may be over.
>>      Computer chip giant Intel on Monday announced a way for Internet
>>      surfers to download images twice as fast over regular phone lines
>>      without any special equipment or software -- but it will add about
>>      $5 to monthly access fees.
>>      The technology called Quick Web is installed on the computers called
>>      servers that Internet services use to store and relay data. The
>>      combination of Intel hardware and special software compresses all
>>      the graphic images that are piped through the server, boosting
>>      access speed.
>>      "The more pictures on the screen, the faster it is," said Dave
>>      Preston, Internet marketing manager for Intel.

This sounds like a real interesting scam.  Graphic files on servers are
already compressed.  Have they found some way to compress already
compressed files?  And if it does not require special software at the
client end, then they must be decompressing it before sending the file.

Or maybe they just convert all the images to low quality jpegs.

This has "Idea from Marketing" written all over it.

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