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Re: Revenge on the Nerds -Maureen on a rampage


In <[email protected]>, on 01/21/98 
   at 11:37 PM, [email protected] (Igor Chudov @ home) said:

>Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
>> Speaking of browsers: I'd rather *pay* for a browser that has such an obvious
>> feature as a list of URL regexps that you don't want to browse. Neither IE
>> nor Netscape has it. I don't know about Lynx.  I'm now using junkbuster
>> from www.junkbuster.com (highly recommended) to filter out ads and banners
>> and cookies. I generally think WWW sucks; but if I use it, I want to be able
>> to tell the browser that if the page tried to load an image from a URL
>> that looks like
>> valueclick.com
>> bannermall.com
>> adforce.*.com/
>> bannerweb.com
>> eads.com/
>> /*/sponsors/*.gif
>> *banner*.gif
>> /image/ads/
>> etc etc, I want the browse to ignore this request. Clearly Microsoft and
>> Netscape both don't give a damn about the desires of their NON-PAYING users
>> and would rather bend over for the advertisers.

>I suggest writing a proxy server that does such filtering, running it on 
>the local machine, and using it as proxy server from your netscape

>There is a proxy server in form of a 20 line perl script, you can take it
>and modify it.

I *highly* recomed taking a look at: http://www.anybrowser.org/campaign/

If I can't view a website using Lynx 99.9% of the time it's not worth the
effort of the DL.

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