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Re: Gore Commission wants to regulate the Net like broadcast

At 12:30 PM 1/21/98 -0800, Tim May wrote:
>The Internet is about pure speech, about publishing.  For the Gore
>Commission to even _hint_ at regulating it is reprehensible.

You know better than that, Tim - The Internet is about Commerce!
The military started it, federal funding for universities made
it popular, Physicists working for Foreign Governments and
grad students at US government universities made the Web,
and Big Commerce made it grow.  It's all Federal Interest - trust them!

And besides, IPv4 addresses _are_ a scarce resource that needs
to be allocated for the public good, and IPv6 has to be stopped
because it will devalue the addresses given to IPv4 users
(which would be an unconstitutional "taking" of their entitlements)
not to mention because it supports technology that could support
narcoterrorist agents of foreign governments and money-laundering
father-raping pornographers.

>Video rental stores can also >deliver video signals, but there is no 
>(well, modulo the "obscenity" laws in various communities) 
>regulation of these sources.

There's also regulation against revealing the rental records of
individual customers (at least customers named Bork or Thomas),
except to accommodate the legitimate needs of law endorsement or

Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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