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Re: Misty???

One version of MISTY appeared a couple of years ago, and it was 
discussed on cpunks then. Mitsubishi has had brief descriptions
of it since then as the algorithm used on its LSI chip. Here are
two almost identical Melco blurbs which describe the features of



Note that these undated sites promise to publicize the algorithm 
and state that public testing of algorithms is a means of
assuring their strength.

Matsui, one of its authors, is a highly respected cryptographer and 
he's a regular participant in international crypto conferences.
His articles on the ciphers underlying MISTY are listed in the 
IETF draft for it:


For those who wish to see the 25 draft encryption algorithms 
submitted to IETF in 1997 (MISTY1 the last) see a list at: