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Executing Kaczynski

At 1:13 AM -0800 1/24/98, Anonymous wrote:

>The more important silence is about the instant sentencing of the
>Unabomber compared to Jim Bell's sentencing.  What _is_ happening with

Because it was so utterly obvious that Kaczynski _was_ the Unabomber,
through diaries, physical evidence, his plea bargaining discussions, and
confessions in his other writings, the outcome was a foregone conclusion.
(I thought all the foofaw about whether Kaczynski was the Unabomber or not
was fatuous nonsense...in my world, when you find bomb materials in a home,
with no evidence they were planted there by the FBI or BATF, and you find
diaries and papers and bomb plans, and travel documents match the dates in
question, and on and on, then it is impossible with a straight face to talk
about the issue of guilt still be up in the air....I guess this is why I'll
never be a juror.)

I generally favor having very, very few things made criminal, but having
very, very fast and efficient trials. E.g., a court date set for several
weeks after an arrest, a week-long trial, and execution (if decided upon) a
few weeks later. So, Kaczynski, O.J., the Menendez brothers, and their ilk
would have gotten fast trials and quick trips to the wall.

(For those who think this is inconsistent with anarchist or crypto
anarchist views, reread the sections of "The Diamond Age" where the mugger
was dispatched off the end of the pier. Polycentric law doesn't mean
charade trials which last for a year, with appeals and delays lasting
another 10 years.)

BTW, Kaczynski is apparently no crazier that any number of Cypherpunks I
have met, including myself. Recall that a leading Cypherpunk was suspected
for a while as being the Unabomber.

>I saw that.  There are rumors floating about that they have the goods
>on Gore too, his hands are certainly as dirty as Slick Willie's.  I'd

Yeah I've read reports that the FBI has surveillance tapes of him taking
bribes ("campaign contributions") from Asian and other donors. With him
implicating the Administration directly. It could well be that this is what
has kept both Louis Freeh and Janet Reno in office: they have the goods on
Clinton and Gore.

I'll say this about Janet Reno: she certainly acted swifty. (Which probably
shows the 20 hours of taped conversations and other evidence is
overwhelming, for Reno to so quickly authorize the attempt to sting the

Though it was too bad she didn't use Waco tactics and send the tanks in to
send incendiary materials through windows of the White House.

--Tim May

The Feds have shown their hand: they want a ban on domestic cryptography
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