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Re: Document destruction services

There are companies that will shred  an entire box. In your presence. Box
goes  in on one side (cardboard and all), little pieces come out the other
side. Check the yellow pages.

On Sat, 24 Jan 1998, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:

> Tim May wrote:
> > >I have a box of confidential papers that I do not need. I would prefer not
> > >to just throw them away, but to either shred or incinerate them. Due to
> > >the sheer size of the box, it is not practical for me to buy and use a home
> > >shredder. Would anyone have a suggestion as to what is the best way to
> > >destroy them? Aer there any services that do it inexpensively?
> > 
> > Just burn them, either in a fireplace, since it's winter, or in a 55-gallon
> > drum.
> This kind of paper does not burn very well. I have tried it. Burning it
> in my fireplace will take forever. A drum is an option though.
> 	- Igor.

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