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Update on New Zealand crypto policy

As part of my recent effort to prepare a useful home page after 2 years of 
having instead a mini text adventure, I've finally got around to finishing off 
the web page containing the recent history of, and current state of, New 
Zealands crypto export policy as decided by several intelligence agencies and 
a supporting cast of bungling bureaucrats.  This policy has resulted in New 
Zealand enjoying the dubious distinction of having the strictest export 
controls on earth, with everything ranging from crypto hardware down to 
software, library books, computer magazines, and journals being restricted 
from export.  It's not even possible for a university to publish academic 
research without prior permission from a government agency, and the 
requirements for obtaining this permission are structured to ensure that they 
can never be fulfilled.  You can find the information on:
The page also contains links to a sizeable collection of never-before- 
published documents including correspondence with relevant government 
agencies, and media reports on the situation.
If you're going to send me mail about this, please note that I'll be at Usenix 
in San Antonio for the next week, so it'll take awhile for me to reply.  My 
PGP key's at the bottom of my home page if you need it.