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Re: NYTimes web cookies

At 1:52 PM -0500 1/25/98, Matthew Ghio wrote:
>> Cookies and the NYTIMES subscription: NYTIMES.COM tries to store your
>> userid and password in the cookie with keywords PW= and ID=. Problem is,
>> it tries to encode them using 8-bit characters. Lucky for us, at this time
>> NYTIMES.COM does not check if userid/password are valid, just that they're
>> a part of the cookie!! So, just add these two lines to your junkbuster
>> config:
>> wafer PW=0
>> wafer ID=0
>> and nytimes.com will greet you as "0" and let you right in.
>It doesn't check the PW or ID at all except the first time you log in.
>After that it generates a new cookie titled NPLCNYT and that is the only
>cookie it checks; the PW and ID are not required to be there at all.
>If you delete the NPLCNYT cookie, it will check the PW/ID and generate
>a new one.  An example cookie is below:

Anyone have something similar for the WSJ?