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Technolgies of Political Control

Thanks to Axel Horns and Ulf Möller we offer an excerpt
of the draft European Parliament report on global
surveillance cited in news reports recently:

  An Appraisal of Technolgies of Political Control
Scientific and Technological Options Assessment
     Working Document (Consultation version)
                  PE 166 499
            Luxembourg, 6 January 1998

The report covers:

- The Role & Function of Political Control Technologies
- Recent Trends and Innovations
- Developments in Surveillance Technologies
- Innovations in Crowd Control Weapons
- New Prison Control Systems
- Interrogation, Torture Techniques and Technologies
- Regulation of Horizontal Proliferation
- Further Research

See excerpt: 


Printed copies are available from the staff of the British MEP Glyn
Ford (tel +322 2843748 fax +322 2849059, [email protected]).