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Re: Tossing your cookies [Re: Why no "Banner Ad Eaters"?]

On 1/25/98 12:16 PM, Jim Gillogly ([email protected])  passed this wisdom:

>Heinz-Juergen Keller skribis:
>> Just a silly? question on cookies:
>> What will happen if I just link cookies.txt to /dev/null ?
>> Is there anything speaking against this solution?
>Works fine on Unix and Linux systems if you're not a cookie fan:
>the remote sites think you've eaten their cookies, but you've
>merely frisbeed them into the bit bin.
>It's better than telling Netscape you want to be asked: some
>sites set a dozen cookies per hit, seems like, and saying "no"
>to each gets immediately tedious.  If you tell Netscape to reject
>them, some sites won't serve you the content.  Setting the browser
>to accept everything and linking cookies.txt to /dev/null works
>well for me.

 On a Mac you can erase the cookies file and then create a folder by the 
same name in its place ...

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