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Re: Netscape 5 will be GPL'ed

Anonymous writes:
> At 07:26 PM 1/26/98 -0800, Tom Weinstein  wrote:
> >Don't hold your breath.  We're still bound by US export regulations, so
> >we won't be able to export crypto-relevant source code.  We'll release what
> >we can, but you probably won't be satisfied.
> >
> >Of course, there's always the option for some enterprising individuals
> >outside the US to replace the missing pieces.
> Or you can print those sections in a book and let some enterprising
> foreigners OCR scan them.

Could this process not be simplified by Netscape (hint Tom) having a
non-exportable version of the source including all crypto code.

Then an interested third party may print it on paper and snail it out
of the US, or simply make use of a remailer; either way once it is
outside the US we have legal full strength netscape.

Another area which could use some attention is that the netscape
distribution license seems to result in large european ftp sites
carrying only the 40 bit version.  Anything that would free up the
license might encourage more sites to carry the 128 bit versions.
(Such as carried by replay.com and others).

Now officially an EAR violation...
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