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Re: Planetary rovers, SETI and other musings, was Re: update.356 (fwd)

Steve Shear postulates:

> Of course one needn't stop there.  If entangled states could be stored
> for several years, instantaneous communication with neighbooring stars
> is a real possibility.

And in whose local Lorentz frame would such communication be

> Coupled with advances in mind-machine science it
> might someday be possible to explore, first-hand, our local portion of
> the galaxy without leaving earth, or upload/download one's consciouness
> to vessels in remote locations. 

Uh, no.  The operators for corresponding observables at both ends of such
an experiment commute, so it is not possible to transmit information
non-locally using such an apparatus. 

This was discovered when the first experiments to verify the
Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky effect were done.  You need the results of
measurements on the opposite end to decrypt the information at the end you
are at. 

The Dancing Wu-Li Masters are closed for business. 

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