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Re: Planetary rovers, SETI and other musings, was Re: update.356 (fwd)

On 28 Jan 1998 12:24:30 -0600, Tim May <[email protected]> wrote:

>I personally doubt that any flat spacetime topology (e.g., wormholes
>excepted) will admit any FTL signals. A lot of things would dramatically
>change if FTL communication existed...not the practical "communication"
>issues, which are human social minutiae, but issues about synchronization
>of reference frames and causality violations.

I remember seeing on one of those science specials on The learning channel
(or mabye the Discovery channel) that a professor did figure out
(accidentally) how to send information faster than light.  The only thing I
remember about it was the the signal was some kind of music.

I remember now, it was a special on time travel on a month ago.  Anybody
catch it?

-- Phelix