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Re: EPR, Bell, and FTL Bandwidth (fwd)

Jim Choate writes:
> This is the last I'm going to respond to this.
> The photons are 'entangled' which means their states are linked and
> co-dependant.
The states are no more "co-dependent" than two copies of the same book
at different locations on the planet are.  The primary difference in
the quantum mechanical case is that because of superposition, each
might be a mixed state of several books, and only the act of measurement
would disclose which one, and that a decision to examine one of
several non-commuting observables might be made after the books had
been produced and were in transit.  This would *NOT* imply in any way
that examination of one book had any physical effect on the other,
although correlation of measurements made on both books might
demonstrate non-local collapse of the QM wavefunction, which is not,
and never has been, a physical quantity.
I can think of even a more extreme case.  Suppose I have the same
Barium atom in two laser traps tuned to different excited states and
separated by a distance of 1,000 miles.  I now have a 50/50
superposition of one state here, and a different state 1000 miles
Even with the *SAME* particle in two different places, nothing I do to
it in one place is detectable by a scientist in its other location,
and the only correlations which demonstrate non-local effects require
data from measurements from both of them.  

Eric Michael Cordian 0+
O:.T:.O:. Mathematical Munitions Division
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