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Re: Chris Lewis's death?

   >   From [email protected] Thu Jan 29 20:29:21 1998
   >   Information Security (if that is his real name) writes:
   >   >    [email protected]   "Vladimir Z. Nuri" (nym for Dr. Dim)
   >   You mean, Vlad is Larry Detweiler and Dmitri Vulis in the same time?
   >   Hmmm ...

The above message was sent by Dr. Dim.
(He has a natural aversion to spelling his own name correctly
 when pretending to post as not Dr. Dim.)

And, yes, '[email protected]' is a nym for Dr. Dim: just check
out his posts at DejaNews...Dr. Dim is a math phud, and "Vladimir" was
"plonked" by Dr. Dim immediately after I said it was a nym.

   Dr. Dim had an infamous alias "Vladimir Fomin" too.