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Re: Why This List Is A Security Risk

Eric Hughes was discussion out-of-band attacks on security systems,
such as providing the target's employees with opportunities for
"simultaneous employment" :-)   However, as the last part of
section (4) says, you've got to be careful of those suspicious
foreign cryptographers....

At 09:05 PM 1/30/98 -0500, John Young wrote:
>Setting policy on national security risk for the entire USG, 
>the DoD proclaims a trustworthy person does not engage in 
>the following:
>Sec. 147.14  Guideline L--Outside activities.
>    (a) The concern. Involvement in certain types of outside employment
>or activities is of security concern if it poses a conflict with an
>individual's security responsibilities and could create an increased risk of
>unauthorized disclosure of classified information.
>    (b) Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be
>disqualifying include any service, whether compensated, volunteer, or
>employment with: 
>    (1) A foreign country;
>    (2) Any foreign national;
>    (3) A representative of any foreign interest;
>    (4) Any foreign, domestic, or international organization or person
>engaged in analysis, discussion, or publication of material on
>intelligence, defense, foreign affairs, or protected technology.
>>From 32 CFR Part 147 published today.

Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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