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A software program to help you monitor your nutritional needs and caloric intake.  It runs on any version of MS Windows, version 3.1 or higher.  It contains a database of over 900 food items and their nutritional values from the USDA.  The setup screen allows you to post maximum calories, sodium intake and maximum fat intake.  The setup screen also allows input of current weight, desired weight and attainment date.  Daily posting screen for entering weight, blood pressure and resting pulse rate.  The daily recording screen to enter foods consumed from database or manual entry.  Contains a menu planner to plan meals and view calories, fats, vitamins, etc.  You can store favorite meals in the database so you donít have to keep reentering them.  There are warning messages if you exceed your maximum calories, sodium or fats.  The daily summary screen displays totals for the day and by the Food Group Pyramid.  It has a thirty day report to track progress month to month and you can !
watch your progress on the Weight Loss graph.

This is the easiest way to modify and take control of your dietary habits.

To order:  Print out and fill in the form below. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Name:_____________________    Date:___________

Street:_____________________     Apt:___________

City: ______________________     State: _____  Zip: _______

Send cash, check or money order for U.S. $35.00 To:

P.O. BOX 66753