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Announcement: RPK InvisiMail released on 12 Jan, 1998

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RPK New Zealand Ltd. in a joint venture with Virtually Online Ltd. has released RPK InvisiMail, a standards-based e-mail security application for use with Internet mail software (SMTP/POP3).  The product offers the strongest encryption available anywhere in the world.  Since it was built outside the United States, it is also available all over the world with strong encryption.  RPK InvisiMail is also the easiest product of its type to setup and use which makes it quite unique.

You can learn more about this product by reading the press release below or by visiting the web site at www.InvisiMail.com.  We are also offering FREE downloads of the RPK InvisiMail Intro product.  Please give it a try and pass it along to anyone you like.


For Immediate Release

Contact:	Sal Cataldi, Cataldi PR +1 212.941.9464, [email protected], www.InvisiMail.com

RPK InvisiMail(tm), secure Internet e-mail with globally available strong encryption for Microsoft, Netscape platforms
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12, 1998 - InvisiMail Ltd (www.InvisiMail.com) announced today immediate worldwide availability of RPK(tm) InvisiMail(tm), a standards-based e-mail security add-in for Microsoft, Netscape and other POP3/SMTP Internet e-mail clients and gateway servers.  Tested and certified by the International Computer Security Association (www.ncsa.com), RPK InvisiMail automatically and transparently encrypts e-mail messages and attachments, authenticates the sender and verifies the contents of each message have not been changed in transit.

RPK InvisiMail is globally available with high strength encryption.  InvisiMail and the underlying RPK encryption algorithm were developed outside the United States.  Therefore, InvisiMail is not subject to restrictive U.S. export policies.  RPK InvisiMail is as easy to set up and use as anti-virus software, and just as important.  

While Microsoft and Netscape battle each other with incompatible and difficult to use security offerings, InvisiMail seamlessly integrates with ALL popular POP3/SMTP e-mail products including Netscape, Microsoft, Eudora, Pegasus, Calypso -- more than any other solution available today -- making it the preferred e-mail security product for multi-platform use, worldwide. 

All InvisiMail users can send the FREE InvisiMail Intro version to anyone worldwide, providing compatibility without requiring others to purchase anything, making InvisiMail unique among 
e-mail security offerings.

"Most people don't realize that their e-mail can be forged, altered or read by anyone, any time, without any evidence," said Jack Oswald, President and CEO of RPK Ltd.  "Without products like RPK InvisiMail, communications on the Internet are untrustworthy."

InvisiMail uses the RPK Fast Public Key Encryptonite(tm) Engine, the strongest cryptography available worldwide today.  RPK is dramatically faster than the well-known RSA algorithm, yet just as secure.  RPK has been analyzed by world class cryptographers who have issued reports on the security and integrity of the technology.

"InvisiMail is the easiest, fastest, most transparent e-mail security product I have seen," said Kevin Shannon, President of net*Gain, a specialist in launching Internet companies. "This is the product we've all been waiting for." 

As part of its official launch, InvisiMail Professional is available FREE to all New Zealand residents for ninety days.

RPK InvisiMail is available in two desktop versions: Intro (FREE) and Professional (introductory price $29.95).  RPK InvisiMail Enterprise Gateway Server will be available Q2 1998.  InvisiMail can be downloaded from: www.InvisiMail.com.

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