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Washing your clothes is hazardous to the Earth!

<HTML><PRE><BODY BGCOLOR="#000000"><FONT  COLOR="#00ffff" SIZE=3>                     </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=4>EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO NASA TECHNOLOGY!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#00ffff" SIZE=3>
That's right, we have exclusive worldwide rights to this NASA-developed technology for use in our laundry system.  MAKE $2,000 TO $8,000 per month!.  North Carolina State University, College of Textiles, laboratory tests confirm our Ultra 7 laundry system outperforms Liquid Tide, Wisk and All detergents and states The LaundryMaster Disk was also the most effective of the four cleaning systems in improving the whiteness of the poly/cotton fabric.  We have the tests results that prove it.
</P><P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>+ Five of the most respected environmental groups in the country support our product  Including the Clean Water Project. (Call us and we will tell you who they are). This is a legitimate business with an entirely unique product called the Ultra 7 Laundry System.  Our company employs over 120 people, has over 50,000 reps worldwide and has done over $50 million in sales of this one product in just 9 months.  We help sponsor The Clean Water Project and are endorsed by 5 Major Worldwide Environmental groups.  . We are for real!!

Hello, Are you concerned about the damage we are doing to our environment?  I am, and so is the company I am affiliated with.  That's why they purchased the rights to this incredible technology never before used in the home laundry industry.  With our laundry system, you can throw away your detergent, bleach, stain removers and fabric softeners!  That's right, CHEMICAL FREE WASHING with our exclusive laundry system.  Here's what I mean:
</P><P ALIGN=LEFT>+ EASY TO USE-simply drop the disc into your machine with your dirty clothes, add our breakthrough bionic enzymes to replace bleach and stain removers
+ SAVES YOU $$-our disc is guaranteed to last for 7 YEARS.  An average of only 2 cents per wash load!
+ CHEMICAL-FREE WASHING-works on the principles of liquid magnets developed by NASA 30 years ago for the space industry
+ INCREASES LIFE OF YOUR CLOTHES-no damaging additives that lead to the breakdown of your clothing, or harm the environment. 60% less lint.
+ 100% HYPOALLERGENIC AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY-no residue is left in your clothes, especially important to people with allergies or sensitive skin.

If you want to know more about this incredible new product, and about the fantastic business opportunity available right now (our distributors are breaking all the income records for this industry in just our first eight months in business), then please call 1-888-365-0000  ext.2464 and leave your name, state,  and both work and home phone numbers.  I  will  be  glad  to  rush  you a free comprehensive information package, as well as your very own laundry system for demonstration.. You'll be able to see for yourself that it truly works great.  Help clean up the environment and make big money too, what could be better?!  Please, serious inquiries only. I apologize for any inconvenience and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time.  

Best Regards,

L.C. Green 

PS: Call 1-888-365-0000 ext.2464 now to receive your free comprehensive information package and demonstration laundry system.