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College Financing

To whomever it may concern:

I am trying desperately to raise money for college. I have applied for numerous grants and
loans to no avail. This is my last chance. I will not burden you with the entire explanation
of my shortcomings. A friend of mine bought this e-mailer for me in the hopes that it works.
His plan is this: If I send a request for one dollar to millions of people, knowing that only
about 10% of you will actually read it and maybe 1/10th of those who read it will send me a
dollar, I might get enough to sustain my studies for a few years. It does not make me happy to
request alms, but I truly see no other alternatives.

     Those of you who wish to send me a single dollar may send it to the address listed below.
Nothing else will be sent by me to your account. This is not a mailing list. Those with
questions may reach me at [email protected] Thank you for your time and patience.


Thomas Kenneth Wootten
24 Victoria Drive
South Burlington, VT