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Re: Increase Your Paycheck Next Week

Hello, asshole:

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Hey Louis! What's shaking?

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Would you like to get a pay raise next week without asking your boss?   Then this very special report, "Money Power," is for you!

If you have a regular job - not working in your own or a family business - and you get a regular paycheck, we can show you how you can give yourself a HUGE RAISE in your very next paycheck.  At least between 20% - 30% more than what you are getting now.  Yes, your paycheck will be increased substantially!

	* Example:  If your take home pay is $400 net per week, you can take home $440 - $500 the very next week and every week thereafter!

No Gimmicks!  Everything is perfectly legal.

"Money Power" is written in three parts:

	*Part I - shows you exactly what to do so you can give yourself a raise in your next paycheck.  You decide how big a pay raise you want to give yourself!

	*Part II -  shows you how to protect yourself, your family, your home, and your assets without paying big money -- just $85 per year to legally protect your liability 100% against bill collectors and debts.

	*Part III - shows you how you can legally deduct household expenses - utilities, gardener, supplies, repairs, and more from your income taxes.  Absolutely No Gimmicks!  Everything is legal.

This is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme or some other scam.  We are sure you have seen lots of them.  And this is NOT a "tax protester" who refuses to pay income taxes.  The author of this report pays taxes every year - of course, as little as legally possible.  It's our opinion it is not good to zero out completely.  But, you can - it's your choice.

Using the methods in this report, the rich become richer.  And poor people become poorer when they don't take advantage of these techniques.  Your chances of being audited by the IRS - just for using these methods - are near zero.

	* We are so sure "Money Power" will work for you, here is our risk-free guarantee.  If you don't get at least 100 times more money in your paycheck in one year than the cost of this report, we will double your money back!  How's that for a guarantee?

Now, here's one more offer you will find hard to refuse.  We have a Reseller Program whereby you can make money selling this report.  When you purchase "Money Power," you will also get 1,000 FREE places to advertise on the Internet!  If you want to make some extra money - $500, $1,000 or more - just post ads on those sites and have the orders come to you.  For every order you send us, we will pay you $5.00:
	*You don't need a merchant account to process orders!  We do that.
	*You don't have to warehouse any inventory!  We do that.
	*You don't have to ship any merchandise.  We do that.
All you have to do is send us the orders.  We'll process checks, money orders, and credit cards and we will pack and mail the report.  And you get paid twice a month - on the 15th and the 30th!

And, listen.  America is a free country.  If you don't want an increase in your paycheck, that's fine.  And if you don't want to know how to protect your family, that's OK, too.  And if you don't want to save money on taxes, that's quite all right.  You are living in a free country.

But, if you need money - more money in your paycheck, act right now!  

The author of this report used to work for Corporate America earning over $100,000 a year.  After paying almost 40% in Federal taxes, 6.2% for Social Security, 1.45% for Medicare, 1.5% for the unemployment fund, and 3% for his employee benefits, he would bring home less than half of his yearly salary!  And then there was state income tax to pay!   He decided he had to do something so he could keep all the money!

"Money Power" is the result of the author's frustration and aggravation with the system and the research he did to change his situation.  These are methods they don't teach you in school!

It can't get much better than this.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity because you may not receive this message again.  And you know how it is with opportunities ..... if you pass on one, you are not entitled to another for a long time.

Don't Delay!  The longer you wait to order, the longer you will wait for your raise!!!!

	>>>>>>>>>>>>> Please Note:  This report is for U.S. Citizens and Green Card holders only!  This program will not work for illegal immigrants or foreigners.<<<<<<<<<<<<


Here's how to order:

*****To order online, click on your reply button and type ORDER ONLINE in the subject line and we will e-mail you the online order form.


Print out the convenient order form below NOW and mail it to:

	World Net Press
	Dept. EN-930
	P.O. Box 96594
	Las Vegas, NV 89193-6594
Payment Method:  
_____ Check     
_____ Money Order
_____ Visa
_____ MasterCard
_____ American Express
_____ Discover

_____ Yes, I want to order my copy of  "Money Power".  Price is $9.95 + $3.95 S/H = $13.90 and my order will be shipped by 1st Class Mail.   




Daytime Phone (__________)___________________________________________________

E-Mail Address_______________________________________________________________

Credit Card #_____________________________________________ Exp. Date_________

Cardholder Name (as it appears on the card)__________________________________

(Please make sure you include your phone number and e-mail address in case we have a question about your order.  Your credit card billing will reflect Road to Wealth, Inc.)

We are currently consolidating our mailing lists and need to update our database.  Our records indicate you may have inquired in the past. If this message has reached you in error, or the information is not correct, please accept our apology.  Follow the instructions below to be removed and we will honor your request.  We do not knowingly engage in spam of any kind.

Please click on your reply button and type REMOVE in the subject line only.  The software reads only the subject line, not the body of the message.

Please be advised we collect the e-mail addresses of all flamers, hackers, and users of abusive and vulgar language.  We submit these addresses to the FBI and Interpol on a monthly basis.