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>    Senate considering Tax-Free Net Bill The Almighty Buck Posted by Hemos
>    on Thursday October 01, @08:48AM
>    from the bloody-well-approve-it dept.
>    Well, although the House of Representations passed it way back in
>    June, the US Senate is finally getting close to passing the bill which
>    would temporarily close the Internet to any new taxes. It will be
>    considered today. It has been twice blocked by Senator Bob Graham
>    (D-Florida), but Senator McCain (R-Arizona) has pushed it forward.

>    Ask Slashdot: Cryptography and Digital Signatures Encryption Posted by
>    Cliff on Wednesday September 30, @09:40PM
>    from the encryption-101 dept.
>    Jonathan Squire writes in with questions concerning encryption. He
>    writes: '...is it considered "secure" to generate an MD5 of a
>    passphrase and then use the MD5 hash as the key to an RC4 cypher of a
>    message/file that you want to send to someone? What are the
>    implications of sending some alternative file with the same pass
>    phrase used if someone who does not know the pass phrase is able to
>    obtain both of the cyphertexts? What if they obtain both cyphertexts
>    and one clear text, how hard would it be (computationaly/finacially)
>    for them to derive the passphrase that was used?'   There's more!
>    Click the link below...

>    Investigating Echelon Encryption Posted by Hemos on Wednesday
>    September 30, @02:29PM
>    from the white-or-black-spy dept.
>    It appears that the European Parliment is going to attempt to
>    investigae Echelon, the somewhat mystical eavesdropping entity that is
>    supposed to be able to listen to all Continental communications. This
>    article gives a great amount of detail about what it is alleged to
>    be, but apparently it's run by five security agencies, including the
>    NSA, and can intercept almost anything. I'd love to have this rig at
>    home. updated


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