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Re: propose: `cypherpunks license' (Re: Wanted: Twofish source code)

Richard Stallman wrote:
> It isn't surprising that people who want to write non-free software
> are disappointed that the GNU project won't help them.  What is
> amazing is that they feel this is unfair.  They have no intention of
> letting me use their source code in my programs--so why should they be
> entitled to use my source code in their programs?  These people seem
> to think that their selfishness entitles them to special treatment.

a) Who ever said this was unfair?

b) Several of the people who are complaining are about the GPL are not
people who want to use GPLed software, but people who want to release
their software under a free licence and think GPL isn't the right one.

c) In my experience GPL stops many companies from even considering using
code. A less restrictive licence gets it through the door, and they
later come to understand the benefit of freeing the source, even though
they are not obliged to. OK, so sometimes we lose under this scheme, but
sometimes we gain. 

d) As far as I can work out, someone who wants to free part of a
product, but not all of it, can't practically do so under GPL.



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