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RE: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd)

At 9:12 PM -0500 9/30/98, Jim Choate wrote:
>Forwarded message:
>> Please elaborate. Netscape works fine on Windows 98, and faces the
>> same restrictions with installation that original Windows 95 had.
>No Netscape on NT or 95/98 is no where near as stable as on a Linux or
>Solaris box (the two that I use most). I can't go 24 hours on my NT for
>example without Netscape hanging for some mysterious reason whereas I've
>run Netscape (even on my HP 10.10) for days without a hang and those
>mysterious pauses it's so famous for.

	Netscape isn't as stable on my Mac at work as it is on my Linux
box, so what?

	Nothing is as stable on NT as it is on a (properly installed) linux

>> As for Java, Java works as well on Windows as on any other platform.
>Yep, that explains why my NT's have to be rebooted almost daily because of
>various issues and my various unix boxes go for weeks....yep, that's more
>stable all right.

	Your NT systems are installed improperly then. You should be able
to get at least a week, if not 2 out of them.

>> It's funny how giving the customers more value for their money, always
>> ends up being anti-competative.
>How do you figure Win98 gives me more value for my money? I buy Win98 for
>$100 or so, have to have gobs of memory and a damned fast processor to even
>come close to the alternate OS'es.

	Simple, you now have a REALLY nice machine, whereas if you'd have
stuck with Linux, that old 486 would still be a decent machine...

>> network, that they can quickly add a jillion features to any program,
>And just as many bugs.

	Bah, no one cares about bugs.
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