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Re: EduFUD: Computers, software can harm emotional, socialdevelopment

At 1:50 PM -0500 10/1/98, Robert Hettinga wrote:

	If you (and others) are going to forward this kind of stuff, could
you least foucs long enough to make sure it is properly formatted?

	It's a touch difficult to read.

>> Computers, software can harm emotional, social development
>>               By Barbara F. Meltz, Globe Staff, 10/01/98
>>               Short attention span. Needs instant gratification. Can't
>> focus. Doesn't apply
>>               himself.
>>               If this is what you're hearing from your child's first-
>> or second-grade teacher,
>>               before you panic and think learning disabilities or
>> attention deficit disorder,
>>               consider something external: your family computer.
>>               Educators have long intuited that early exposure to
>> computers doesn't give
>>               children an educational edge. Now researchers have data
>> to show it can
>>               actually be harmful, potentially undercutting brain
>> development, interfering
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