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RE: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd)

At 2:18 PM -0500 10/1/98, Kevin Elliott wrote:
>Said Matthew James Gering,
>>Bullshit, monopolies exist because of the regulation.
>I'm afraid sir, that your ingonorance is showing.  Pick up any college
>(hell, high school) ecomonics textbook.  Certain types of businesses are
>inheritly advantagious to monopolies.  The electric company is the classic
>example- their is no cost effective way for an electric company to supply
>power to a given area unless it is a monopoly.  Certain types of businesses
>are suited to certain types of competition, and, unregulated, monopolies
>are exactly what you get.  This was exactly the situation that occured at
>the turn of the century and it happened because regulation was
>non-existant!  Your statement is wonderfully trite but I see no evidence to
>support it.

	I'd suggest you go back to school and think a bit.In most places
the "Electric Company" is a goverment sponsored and deligated monopoly.
Competition is prohibited by REGULATION. This also occurs with Gas, Water,
Telephone, especially Non-commercial, cable, and in some places Garbage
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