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Re: EduFUD: Computers, software can harm emotional, social development

I just saw a special on nightline last night in which Koppel
berated his guests for not necessarily agreeing that
computer budgets are too much, and not doing good, possibly
doing bad for kids, and that more research is necessary
before schools commit to computers.

it's totally reactionary, and neo-luddite. it's like saying, "stop the world!!
it's going too fast!! it's making me dizzy!! I want to get off!!"

heck, wasn't it just a few weeks ago the govt was screaming
in a study about how there would soon be a shortage of computer
scientists? the hypocrisy of the establishment is always 
breathtaking and unparalleled.

one researcher said that it was causing kids not putting up
with frustration or frustrating experiences as much.

well, hallelujah I say!! if the sheeple of this country had
less tolerance for the intolerable situations regularly
encountered in schools, govts, business, etc.-- perhaps it
would GO AWAY as they exert their influence and pressure
and displeasure.

imho, the "powers that be" are terrified of computers.
PCs are very egalitarian and are creating a new revolution
in information flow and economies. a student who understands
how to navigate through the world of knowledge without  a
chaperone is a dangerous, freethinking individual in
our current stifling, asphyxiating intellectual atmosphere.

the whole image of parents limiting how much their children
can surf the net is quite amusing to me. it's like trying
to push a river.

computers have shown up on the radars of the "powers that
be" as having an alarming effect on the people that use them.
perhaps they are less likely to tolerate crap in their
lives? less tolerant of worthless "middlemen", or less
politely, parasites?

forgive me if I may be a bit more sharp here.
there are many, many parasites feeding off the crap of
our culture, and they don't want that crap to dry up.
but cyberspace has a remarkable ability to cut through
the crap and the parasites. "the speed of cyberspace"...
a new speed limit in the world. or rather, a new
breakdown in all previous limits. a speed UNLIMIT.

oh, the terror! kids might even get bored with our cultures 2 great
opiates: sports and entertainment.  who knows what will
happen then?  tyranny is held in place by frivolous and
meaningless pastimes and amusements in our world.

fortunately, PCs and the internet are now an unstoppable
force. we will see soon what happens when it meets many
"immovable objects" such as govt ineptitude, intransigence,
entrenched control freaks, slavemasters, etc.....
PCs are definitely becoming a political and social force now.
not all effects are positive, but it's creating a new
reality I vastly prefer to the old, shriveled up one.