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IP: Clear and present danger: FIGHT AGAINST NATIONAL ID CARD

From: "A.C." <[email protected]>
Subject: IP: Clear and present danger: FIGHT AGAINST NATIONAL ID CARD
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 01:22:50 -0700
To: [email protected]

>September 17, 1998  

                             HEARINGS, SPEARHEADS EFFORT WITH
                                     GRASSROOTS GROUPS

                    WASHINGTON, DC -- At a news conference before a hearing on
                    federal attempts to establish a national identification
system, U.S.
                    Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) released the following
statement.  The
                    hearings, which will be held later today by the
Government Reform and
                    Oversight Committee's Subcommittee on National Economic
                    Natural Resources, and Regulatory Affairs, will focus
on this issue. 

                    "One of the most precious liberties Americans possess
is the ability to live
                    their lives without a big-brother government, with vast
power, looking
                    over their shoulders at every opportunity.  Our federal
government is
                    already too powerful, too expensive, and too intrusive.
 We should be
                    working to reduce its size and cost, rather than
expanding it. 

                    "Our Founding Fathers intended to create a system with
division of
                    power between three branches of government and between
the state and
                    federal governments in order to protect our rights.
These moves to
                    centralize power in the executive branch of the federal
government by
                    establishing a national identification card system
represent an effort to
                    disrupt the balance of power that has served our nation
so well for so
                    long.  We must put a stop to these initiatives, begun
in 1996 when
                    legislation authorizing a national i.d. was snuck into
an omnibus spending
                    bill with no debate, public input, or vote,  before it
is too late to do so." 

                    "I thank all of the groups that have been involved in
this effort for their
                    continued support.  I also appreciate the willingness
of State
                    Representative George Grindley (R-Marietta) and others
to take time
                    away from their jobs and families to testify this

                    These hearings are part of a continuing effort by Barr
and others to stop
                    several recent intrusive government proposals.  He has
                    legislation to stop federally-mandated standardization
of state drivers'
                    licenses, end a move to create a national health
identifier, and led the
                    effort to halt FBI moves for new wiretapping authority
and the ability to
                    track cellular phone users and lawful gun owners. 

                    Barr, a former United States Attorney, serves on the
House Judiciary
                    and Government Reform Committees. 


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