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RE: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd)

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> From: Matthew James Gering <[email protected]>
> Subject: RE: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd)
> Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 18:01:23 -0700 

> I wrote:
> > > Show me an example of an unregulated coercive monopoly 
> > > whose source of monopoly power is not ultimately the 
> > > government.
> Jim Choate answered:
> > The Mafia. The handful of world-class coke dealers. Your local church.
> The church had a monopoly on religion.

Churches monopolize faith (but let's not go there).

> Not any more.

Tell that to the Isreali's and the Arab's, the Serbs and the Slav's, The
Hutu's and the whoever they are I can't think of at the moment, the Irish
Protestants and Catholics, etc., etc., ad nausium...

 When it had it was
> supported by the state or by its own use of force. The other two

force is one form of coercion, faith can be another.

> organizations use force to maintain their monopoly, and again both are
> supported indirectly (sometimes more directly than we like to think) by
> the state. The state prohibits free competition, it is a black market.

A free-market is defined as consisting of the supplier and the consumer
without a regulatory body. It doesn't prohibit a third group *wanting* to
regulate that market. Or of either the producer or consumer using violence
to prevent it.

> When I talk of a free market I man Laissez Faire Capitalism, not
> Anarcho-Capitalism.

What's the specific difference? What is the fundamental litmus test between
a Laisez Faire and a Anarcho? In one case there is no recognized arch to be
had to regulate the market and in the other the third party simply opts out
of participating. In what way are the resulting markets different from
either the producers or consumers view?

> The abolition of force is a requisite (and the only
> proper role of government).

Explain further what you mean by abolition of force is a prerequisite

And what specificaly do you mean by proper role of government?


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