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Echelon's Origin

The NSA released during the summer a Top Secret
memorandum by Truman in 1952 establishing NSA 
as the lead COMINT agency for the USG:


After the dry description of decisionmaking procedures
there are tantalizing pointers to the means NSA is to
use to spy on foreign governments' communications, 
with reference to accommodating allies at NSA facilities
-- read it carefully.

Also, it's chilling to read that COMINT was so vital that
Truman declared it to be free from any constraints placed 
on all other forms of intelligence. And the DIRNSA was given
authority to command any military department or civilian
agency for COMINT purposes

It would be helpful to learn what superceded this memo for
authority to engage in global COMINT. Yes, we accept
anonymous contributions for COMINTers.

Erich Moechel writes that France has its version of Echelon
and wiretapping, and shares its fruits with Germany, in 
competition with the Echelon-Five. 

   The French have built up an Echelon like wiretapping system 
   of their own, operating from Dordogne (France), French Guayana 
   & Nouvelle Caledonie.

Would anyone have more information on this program? And what
about other Echelons around the world?