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RE: importance of motivation (Re: EduFUD: Computers, software can harm emotional, social development)

Regarding ADD and difficulties with attention spans:

another problem with the typical public educational system method of presenting information, is that
it is begun from an abstract level, with very little contact with the concrete things from which the
higher-level concepts were derived.   Since a neophyte in the world hasn't yet developed their
mental database, this means that they mostly have to imagine what a teacher is talking about in
order to "get it", in order to remember it, in order to disgorge it back on command.

Besides this, the information is not presented in a context where the significance of it (a math
problem, for instance) is apparent to the student, i.e. why are we studying this, why should I
strain myself over this?  Very little of the activity involved in the understanding of things is
done with due respect to the student's choice in the matter, to whether they  have developed any
personal interest in the subject, so this then is another element eliminated from the learning
environment - respect, along with reality.

It is no wonder that some children would fail to respond to the attempts to "educate" them, or that
they would fail to display the desired level of interest, or else that they respond with equal
disrespect and inattention.

This could explain ADD/ADHD to some extent, and it probably would yield important insights for
someone to examine their own true motivations when they have problems concentrating or paying

And there certainly seems to be a significant number of cpunks who claim to have this 'syndrome'.