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No Subject

Mr. Hettinga Bostoned:

>True enough. The water runs off the mountains *into* most of Death Valley,
>not *out* of it.

The Totos > Todt

An experience not to be missed is walking on the boiling water that 
collects at the lowest hottest point of the US. The encrusted mineral 
deposits left as the moisture evaporates create a hurricanic wreckcape 
of razor sharp crystals and suffocating stench in 120-degree+ summer 
heat -- yourself abarbeque.

Not far away is where rocks moonwalk across the flat landscape, 
leaving astronautic tracks of their movement which has not yet been 
explained by NASA investigators, all unawares pancaked by their 
implacable specimens heading home for Jupiter.

Then there's the nearby location where earth's gravity is not 
perpendicular, and all vegetation is angled exactly to fit the cant. 
When you step into the gavitational field you tip like Pisa's Tower 
obeying the pull. Some learned idiots say this is due to undergound 
deposits of metallic ore or a chunk of Mars. (There are several 
such sites around the US, one the Pentagon Parking Lot East,
where the levitators worked the 1969 liftoff).

All this perfectly tunes in to crypto channel because it is from 
Death Valley that our film crew returned today from shooting the 
Toto Family, not CJ's family but the band of creatures who gypsy
under The Toto Mantle (TTM).

Yes, they are ghoulish beyond ancestor-vulgar Pacific Rim 
loathsome, but that is not what cracked up us TransAtlanticists. 
It was watching the whole crew of TTMs simultaneously, in 
concert, keening and hair strumming, produce encrypted text, 
each contributing algorithmicly single alpha numerical digits, 
plink A, plonk 2, plunk %, in perfect signed PGP, bypassing 
incluement grammatical plaintext, EZ-guessable PWs and 
crackerjacktoy keys to issue pure incomprehensibility which 
could be instantaneously decrypted by an incomprehending 
viewer barechest-lathered with Death Valley Vapor Rub(DVVR)

There is this, too. Each TM-TTM rubber descoda was genuine, 
authentic, narcotic,  immimicable, that is certain from the Radiant 
Glow of Ego ID Superego Transcendence that erases the 
codebarer barefooting meatslicing mineral deposits, bareback 
riding walking rocks, bare-ass leaning into the fully exposed 
future disclosed in the deathseeking porno-crypto-graphy of 
The Totos > Todt (TT>T).