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RE: importance of motivation

At 1:46 AM -0700 10/2/98, Blanc wrote:
>Regarding ADD and difficulties with attention spans:

>This could explain ADD/ADHD to some extent, and it probably would yield
>important insights for
>someone to examine their own true motivations when they have problems
>concentrating or paying
>And there certainly seems to be a significant number of cpunks who claim
>to have this 'syndrome'.

Any trendy new diagnosis always gets some recruits...dyslexia, ADD (*), the
abuse excuse, etc.

(* Like any trendy thing, it gets renamed to keep its panache. ADD has been
renamed to something with four letters, which I now forget (must be ADD).)

We've had some nutballs and losers (luser spelling: loosers) on this list.
People who claim the reason they can't make a coherent argument or hold a
steady job is because of something some psychobabbler told them was their

So what else is nu beside e over h?

--Tim May

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