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Re: Is the .to (Tonga) domain completely rogue and should be removed?

>>[Tuvalu TLD put on hold]

>if you want the long version of it, join gthe NANOG list (North American
>Network Operators Group).. but basically, this TLD is mostly a spam/rogue

That is quite scary.

If someone outside the US uses a .COM or other generic TLD name, even
if the name has been used for years and is a, say, European trademark,
anyone in the US can register that name as a trademark, and Internic
will take the name away from the legitimate owner. You may say that's
ok because `generic' TLDs are de facto American, but now Internic even
decides to disable the name space of a sovereign state? If there is any
such thing as Infowar, I guess this must be it.

In case the upcoming EU regulation on unsolicited mailings has the effect
some claim it will, can Internic just declare .DE a spammer domain and
disable FITUG's address as well?

Dealing with contents is not any naming authority's business. It
wouldn't be even if you actually needed a domain to send spam.